Spring Braided Flower Hair Tutorial

I have to admit, I wear this hairstyle way too often! It looks adorable, even when you’re running short on time. It also looks incredible if you leave the front pieces of your hair down and curl them for extra volume!

spring braided


Smooth, Straight Hair with a Bend

Flat iron with bent ends: Here’s the trick. Right after the hair comes out of the flat iron, you’ll want to drape it over the brush as you see in photo 11. Let it cool for about 10 seconds and set it down. Once the hair cools with a little bend move to the next section.

straight with bend

Know what drives me absolutely insane? When I’m trying to rock a high ponytail and I finally get it as high as I want it only to discover…fly-aways. All. over. the place.

You can’t go through and fix it with a comb and hairspray or else the top of your pony is going to get all messed up! But what you can do is take an old toothbrush, spray it with hairspray and touch up all those nasty flyways. See ya fly-aways!

Say Goodbye to Fly-Aways


Have you ever seen a girl wearing a super high ponytail and it looks crazy, ridiculously long? Well, here’s how to rock a high pony without losing any length!

Super High, Super Long Ponytail


Fabulous, rich brunette color that is loaded with tiny highlights! Makes the hair look so multi-dimensional! Love, love it!

Could you see yourself wearing this color?

Brunette but Better!


I’m in love with this hairstyle! Not only is it SO SIMPLE to do but it also looks great! Give it a try and see just how easy this look is to complete!

The Gibson Tuck


The Milkmaiden

This hairdo might be a bit of a stretch for some people, but I know that I would totally wear this as a casually cute hairstyle.


Half Crown Braid

This hairstyle is so adorably regal! Perfect for a Christmas party or just a casual night out!


Don’t you hate when you have to use multiple bobby pins because they just don’t seem to stay put unless you anchor them? No more, my friend! To make those puppies stick just lay them in a paper-towel and blast them with a shot of hair-spray. Wait for them to dry a little and they’ll be nice and tacky. Go ahead and use just a few pins now to set your hair, feel confident knowing that they’re not going anywhere until you move them.



Mermaid Hair

Couldn’t you imagine a beautiful mermaid having this same hair? Fantastic length, completely unique color with a darker, more ashy purple towards the front of the face, wow!

Who would have the guts to try this one out and pull it off? Let me know in the comments below!

purple hair