Heidi Klum’s Got It!

As if there was ever any doubt that she didn’t! This lady always looks amazing and I have to admit her hair in this picture gives me a serious case of envy! I love absolutely everything about it from the layers down to the colors, what do you guys think? Are you a fan of this look?

heidi klum hair


Upside Down Braided Do

1. Gather the top half of your up and clip it out of the way.

2. Flip your head over, then take a small piece of hair at the nape of your neck to start your braid. If you don’t know how to French braid, watch our tutorial first.

3. Continue French braiding until you’ve incorporated all of your loose hair into the braid.

4. Braid your hair down a little more (regularly braiding the end, no longer French braiding) before tying it off with a clear elastic.

5. Flip your head right-side-up and release the top half of your hair. Gather all of your hair – the top half and the bottom braid – into a high, messy pony. Once you feel your pony is secured with an elastic, you can undo the elastic from the braid.

6. Twist your pony into a top knot (tutorial here) and secure with spin pins or bobby pins. Hairspray that baby and…voilĂ !



Have you ever seen a girl wearing a super high ponytail and it looks crazy, ridiculously long? Well, here’s how to rock a high pony without losing any length!

Super High, Super Long Ponytail


Possibly my most favorite brunette color up to date! So many highlights but they don’t look too streaky. They’re nice and thin so they don’t end up looking too stripey like some other highlights I’ve seen.

Sunkissed Brunette


Fabulous, rich brunette color that is loaded with tiny highlights! Makes the hair look so multi-dimensional! Love, love it!

Could you see yourself wearing this color?

Brunette but Better!


Mermaid Hair

Couldn’t you imagine a beautiful mermaid having this same hair? Fantastic length, completely unique color with a darker, more ashy purple towards the front of the face, wow!

Who would have the guts to try this one out and pull it off? Let me know in the comments below!

purple hair


Dark Haired Beauty!

Love, love, LOVE this! The cut is layered, full and beautiful! What an amazing way to change up dark hair without going too crazy! Still gives the illusion of intensely dark hair while brightening things up with an all over auburn color.

Dark haired ladies, would you give this color a shot for Fall or Winter?


Lighten Up!

Are you a brunette lady who’s been looking to go a bit lighter without doing anything too drastic? Then perhaps I’ve found your next hair color! Very soft ombre look that brightens up your whole face!



Braided Hairband

Want to wear your hair down but want to add a little pizzazz? No problem! Just add braid a piece of hair and wrap it behind your bangs to make a simple braided hairband that will spice up any hairdo!