Spring Braided Flower Hair Tutorial

I have to admit, I wear this hairstyle way too often! It looks adorable, even when you’re running short on time. It also looks incredible if you leave the front pieces of your hair down and curl them for extra volume!

spring braided


I’m in love with this hairstyle! Not only is it SO SIMPLE to do but it also looks great! Give it a try and see just how easy this look is to complete!

The Gibson Tuck


The Milkmaiden

This hairdo might be a bit of a stretch for some people, but I know that I would totally wear this as a casually cute hairstyle.


Fairly easy hair tutorial which only requires some bobby pins, a few hair ties and just a little bit of time! Follow the step by step tutorial and end up with a beautifully complex looking hairstyle!

Braided Updo


Knotted Sidebraid Tutorial

At long last, a hairstyle that literally takes no talent and VERY little time to complete! Enjoy ladies!


Curlers Done Right!

Curlers are great! Less damage then heat styling and in my opinion, it lasts way longer! This is the exact same setup I use when I put my rollers in and it gives great body! A lot like Victoria’s Secret Runway Hair. Try it out and tell me how it works for you!

Extra Tip: Spray hair lightly with hair spray before and after putting rollers in. Once they are cool take them out and spray lightly again before raking through your hair with your fingers or gently with a boar bristle brush.
curlers done right


Easy Braided Bun Tutorial

Follow these super easy instructions for an easy hairdo that looks great!


braided bun


Easy Updo- The Fan Bun!

Do you have trouble getting out of bed in the morning? Me too, and if you’re anything else like me, it leaves you scrambling to get ready before work! Easy hairdo’s like these have saved me countless times! Super quick to do and they look great! Just make sure to use some hair spray or spray gel to keep the fly-aways down to a minimum!


Braided Hairband

Want to wear your hair down but want to add a little pizzazz? No problem! Just add braid a piece of hair and wrap it behind your bangs to make a simple braided hairband that will spice up any hairdo!