How amazing is this jacket? So casual but with a super interesting neckline and some fabulous (hopefully faux) leather sleeves.

I just did an internet search to figure out where this beauty came from and for only $49 this beauty can be yours!

Holy Jacket, Batman!

Headband Heaven!

As a Canadian girl, I can appreciate a good, warm headband! These ones are adorable too, not at all like the “I’m only wearing this for warmth and not style points” kind that I always used to be stuck wearing!


If you want to buy any of the headbands you’ve seen above then just click the link below, I’ve attached the owner’s etsy site for you!

Put Those Leggings to Work!

I LOVE the whole boots + leg warmers/high socks look, but I’ve always found them SO expensive that I couldn’t really justify buying them! Now I think I’ll just buy a bunch of cheap leggings and do this! You’ll have some great leg warmers to wear under boots for extra style points AND a pair of awesome shorts that you could probably wear to the gym…hmm, I’ll get back to you on that one!