Find your Beauty Undertone

Ever bought a foundation and thought “Why does this look so terrible on me?!”, it’s probably because you chose the wrong undertone for your skin. Read the tips below and never deal with this problem again!

Here’s what you need to know…

  • Skin tones are often confused for undertones, but they are not the same thing
  • An undertone is the color that lies beneath the skin. It is almost like a shadow below your skin color. While your skin tone can change, the undertone never does.
  • You can have a cool, warm, or neutral undertone.

Here’s how to find your undertone…

  • One way to find your undertone is to think about which colors look best on you – if you tend to look better in cool colors, like blue and white, it’s probably because of your cool undertone. If you gravitate toward oranges or pinks, chances are you have a warm undertone.
  • Study your veins: If they are blue, your undertones are cool. If your veins have a greener tint, it is because your warm undertone makes the color look warmer. Do you have both colors, or veins that appear in between? You may have a neutral undertone.
  • There are other ways of finding your undertone, like trying on jewelry to see what really makes your skin glow – if silver is your go-to, you likely have a cool undertone, and if gold looks best, it could be a result of having a warm undertone