Curlers Done Right!

Curlers are great! Less damage then heat styling and in my opinion, it lasts way longer! This is the exact same setup I use when I put my rollers in and it gives great body! A lot like Victoria’s Secret Runway Hair. Try it out and tell me how it works for you!

Extra Tip: Spray hair lightly with hair spray before and after putting rollers in. Once they are cool take them out and spray lightly again before raking through your hair with your fingers or gently with a boar bristle brush.
curlers done right

Easy Guide to the Perfect Cat Eye Liner

Story of my life, I draw liner on one eye PERFECTLY and then the next one turns out completely different or totally screwed up. UGH, SUCH A PAIN! Doing it this way makes it pretty simple to get a uniform cat eye every single time!


Put Those Leggings to Work!

I LOVE the whole boots + leg warmers/high socks look, but I’ve always found them SO expensive that I couldn’t really justify buying them! Now I think I’ll just buy a bunch of cheap leggings and do this! You’ll have some great leg warmers to wear under boots for extra style points AND a pair of awesome shorts that you could probably wear to the gym…hmm, I’ll get back to you on that one!

Liven Up Those Blue Eyes!

If you have blue eyes like me you are probably sick to death of using brown’s and bronzes to enhance those baby blues! Take a look at the posts underneath and see what else we can do to enhance our eye color, sometimes a pop of color in the liner does the trick perfectly! What do you think?








Easy Updo- The Fan Bun!

Do you have trouble getting out of bed in the morning? Me too, and if you’re anything else like me, it leaves you scrambling to get ready before work! Easy hairdo’s like these have saved me countless times! Super quick to do and they look great! Just make sure to use some hair spray or spray gel to keep the fly-aways down to a minimum!

DIY Galaxy Nails

Give this tutorial your best shot! Take your time, let each layer dry properly before moving on to the next step! The end result should end up looking something like this!

The only special tools you need in addition to your normal nail polish is a makeup sponge and a toothpick.