MAC Sin Lipstick with Currant Lipliner

This color is giving me serious lip envy. If I had an existent top lip I would totally rock this lipstick but alas, as it is…I do not! So for all my ladies with the larger lips, rock this color for me and the rest of the small lipped girls in the world…do it for us!



Alright, so I know that this look is a little too much for your casual, everyday kind of look but how amazing does it look?

If you have a costume party you could definitely pull this look out and look totally fabulous!

Poison Ivy Eye Look


Simple Makeup Idea

A simple step by step for a great looking eye look!



Ever forgotten your lash curler or just really didn’t want to use it because they’re such a pain in the butt? I hear you! With this spoon trick, maybe we’ll never have to use our eyelash curlers ever again!

Spoonful of Lashes


Great look, especially for my brown eyed ladies! The purple on the bottom lash-line really brightens up the whole look!

Pop of Purple


Highlighting and contouring guide for your face shape! It really makes a difference! This chart is so genius!

Highlight and Contour according to Face Shape


An easy way to keep that lipstick on for the long haul!
Lipstick that won't Quit!



Step 1

Use fingers to dab cream foundation that’s one shade lighter than your skin tone on the center of your forehead and chin, down the bridge of nose, and on cheekbones. Apply a base that’s two shades darker below the cheekbones and jawline, along the sides of the nose, and at the temples.



Step 2

Warm hands by rubbing them together, then press palms against skin to blend foundation. Set with loose powder.


Step 3

Finish with pink powder blush on apples of cheeks and liquid highlighter at the top of cheekbones.



DIY Daring Eye Look

A fierce combination of yellow and red makes this eye look a total winner. Follow the step by step guide and easily pull off this amazing look!



Get Juicy Lips!

Try out this easy way to get big, plump lips without any painful injections!