Liven Up Those Blue Eyes!

If you have blue eyes like me you are probably sick to death of using brown’s and bronzes to enhance those baby blues! Take a look at the posts underneath and see what else we can do to enhance our eye color, sometimes a pop of color in the liner does the trick perfectly! What do you think?








Pop of Blue for my Brown Eyed Girls

To tell the honest truth, I’ve always thought brown eyes were so cool (probably cause I don’t have them)! There is something so deep and rich about brown eyes that just makes people look so doe-eyed and beautiful! So here are some great makeup looks featuring blue liners and shadows that’ll make those brown eyes look amaaazing!

brown eyes2brown eyes3

Mascara Clumps, BE GONE!

Don’t you hate when your mascara gets all gross and clumpy? Definitely not a good look for anybody. We have some tips to keep your mascara from getting spidery on you!


Let’s face it, this happens to every tube of mascara over time. The problem is it dries out and then starts to form unattractive lumps. To help prevent this, don’t pump your mascara trying to get more on your wand; you’re basically pumping air into the tube causing it to dry out even faster.

Although mascara should be replaced every 3 to 4 months, I use to replace mine much sooner just because it dries out so fast and creates undesirable results. But, there’s an easy fix for that! Run the wand under hot water until the water runs clear, and then place it back in the tube, rubbing it around. The water and heat softens the mascara liquid making it apply as if it were a brand new tube!