Have a big event coming up and don’t want to worry about your eye makeup melting or wearing off?
No problem! Simply forgo eyeshadow and instead, crosshatch gel liner onto lids and blend for long-lasting, budge-proof coverage!

Budge-Proof Eyeshadow

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar

This stuff is amazing. Put it on and it lasts…all.freaking.day.
Comes in a bunch of different colors and you’re guaranteed to make you fall in love with the way these make your pucker look!
Drink proof, food proof and kiss proof. After it’s set it won’t smear or transfer onto anything else. You’re welcome ladies!

Secret to Smooth Foundation Application

foundationEver feel like the “peach fuzz” on your face is too noticeable, even with makeup? It probably has something to do with your makeup application!

Although you want to wash your face and apply your moisturizer with upwards strokes to help lessen fine lines and a sagging face, the opposite is true for foundation and powder. Most of us have a little bit of hair on our face, and it tends to grow downwards. If you apply your makeup with upward strokes, it will cause your “peach fuzz” to stick strait up, making it more noticeable.