Pop of Blue

I’ve never really been a big fan of mixing blue eyes and blue eyeshadow… but blue liner done this way I am definitely in favor of! I actually really love this whole look…gold on top, nice dark flick and a nice, bright, blue liner! Looks so clean and fresh, I’m definitely a fan! Are you?

blue eyes


Vibrant lipstick and glosses are always fun to wear but they have a way of making your lips look very one dimensional.
All you have to do to achieve a fun, 3D look is line and fill your lips in the same way you normally do. Then grab a lighter shade of frosted power and gently press your index finger into it. Dab your finger on the center of your lower lip and then dab a tiny bit onto the center of your upper lip.

**Don’t do this to the side of your lips, only the very center of the top and bottom! You’ll lose the 3D effect if the shimmer is all over your lips!

3D Lip Look