John Frieda Repairing Oil Elixir

John Frieda makes some great products, and this oil is definitely one of them. If you regularly push your hair to its limits with dye, straightening or blow-drying, this is the stuff for you! It’s full of deep-conditioning omega 3 and fatty acids, so as well as giving you glossy, shiny hair, it’s a deep conditioning treatment that makes hair flexible and bouncy once more. It’s a beauty table essential!

oil elixir

Do you use any John Frieda products? How do they work for you? I have long, super fine, wavy hair and my baby hair’s love to stick up all along the crown of my head…not cute! I tried a bunch of different products to try to remedy this but couldn’t find anything that worked.

john frieda hair serumUntil I met this stuff! This is John Frieda’s Frizz-Ease Hair Serum and it honestly works WONDERS! I wait until my hair is not completely soaking wet and rub two pumps of this from the bottom of my hair up. Only rub a tiny bit near your roots and definitely don’t rub it into your scalp or else you’ve just bought a one-way ticket to grease city!

Dry Hair Remedy

Suffering from dead ends? You may not be able to fix them, but you CAN make your hair feel a billion times better! This is especially helpful for girls who bleach/ombre their hair.

1. Heat a cup of olive oil on the stove until its hot, but not hot enough that it will burn your skin.

2. Grab your hair in your hand like a pony tail, and lower it into the olive oil, allowing the oil to saturate your unhealthy ends

3. Carefully over a sink, slowly pour the rest of the olive oil on your scalp, and comb through your hair. Massage your hair and scalp to evenly distribute the oil

4. Clip your hair up out of the way and let it sit for 15 minutes.

5. Thoroughly shampoo and condition your hair to finish the process 🙂

Repeat this process once a week for healthier, thicker, faster growing hair!

Tips: Olive oil can help you get healthier, thicker lashes as well! Get a small amount on the end of your q-tip and gently run it along the roots of your eye lashes every night. You’ll notice a difference in a matter of weeks!

olive oil