Sensitive Ears? Get Ready to Rejoice!

Sensitive Ears? Get Ready to Rejoice!

Ever put a pair of earrings in and instantly feel like your ears are on fire? Trust me, I feel your pain. To remove this problem just use Vaseline. Dip the pointy part of your earrings in the Vaseline then put them in your ears like normal. That’s it!
The Vaseline seems to coat the earrings and will prevent your ears from getting sore. Amazing right?!

4 thoughts on “Sensitive Ears? Get Ready to Rejoice!

  1. No way! That’s genius! I will certainly try this, my ears always react to earrings – to the point where I stopped wearing them 😦 Thanks for the tip!

    Susan x

  2. You have a super blog, I am now following you, and I shall look forward to reading more. x

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